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Laboratory and Molecular Medicine

Director: Kent Lewandrowski, MD

Contacts for the various laboratories that encompass the division of LMM can be found on the Laboratory policy and procedures section.

Anatomic & Molecular Pathology

Director: Vania Nose, M.D., PhD

I. Autopsy Service

Medical Director: Jim Stone, M.D.
Director of Operations: Joseph Misdraji, M.D.
Technical Director: Denise Bland-Piontek
Autopsy Technical Specialist: Andre Chandler
Location: Warren Basement
Phone: 6-2976

II. Histopathology

Director: Thomas Gudewicz, M.D.
Technical Director: Denise Bland-Piontek
Location: Blake 3
Phone: 6-5153

A. Histology Laboratory

Supervisor: William Anim
Location: Blake 3
Phone: 4-1425

B. Immunohistochemistry, Histochemistry, and Neuropathology Laboratory

Supervisor: Javier Mendez-Pena
Location of histochemistry and neuropathology: Blake 354, Phone: 6-3798
Location of immunohistochemistry: Warren 5
Phone: 6-8497

C. Surgical Pathology Grossing Lab

Supervisor: Babiker Bedri
Location: Blake 354
Phone: 4-1449

III. Cytopathology Laboratory

Director: Martha Pitman, M.D.
Technical Director: Brenda Sweeney
Technical Specialist: Ron Arpin
Location: Warren 125
Phone: 6-3980

IV. Diagnostics Laboratories

Director: A. John Iafrate, M.D., Ph.D. and Fred Preffer, Ph.D.
Technical Director: A. Bernard Collins
Location: Warren 5
Phone: 6-8444

A. ANCA laboratory

Director: John Niles MD

B. Electron Microscopy Unit

Director: G. Petur Nielsen, M.D.
Location: Warren 5
Phone: 6-8497

C. Flow Cytometry

Director: Frederic I. Preffer, PhD.
Location: Warren 5
Phone: 6-8487

D. Immunofluorescence & anti-GBM Laboratory

Director: Atul Bhan, MD.

E. Molecular Diagnostics Unit

Director: A. John Iafrate, MD, PhD

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