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Pinworm examination
Lab code: ANP
Test Synonyms:
Pinworm examination
Inpatient Req:
Microbiology (#11854)  
Outpatient Req:
Clinical Labs (#83608)  
Swube paddles and instructions available in ALS lab (WACC 221) or use only CLEAR scotch tape. Collect specimen by pressing sticky side of paddle against several areas of perianal region a few hours after retiring at night, or first thing upon rising, prior to bath or bowel movement. Talcum powder, ointment, opaque tape interferes. Testing on three consecutive days may be necessary. Multiple specimens will hold in refrigerator. Please date tubes. Patient should receive 3 daily exams 7 - 10 days after therapy and again in 1 month.
Result Time:
STAT: 1 hour; ROUTINE: 24 hours   Cost: $$
Reference Interval:
No parasites found.  
Important Information:
Test performed Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:00pm.