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HHV-8 PCR (blood)
Lab code: HHV8P
Test Synonyms:
HHV 8 PCR (blood) ;Human herpes virus 8 PCR (blood)
  NOTE: This test is performed at an external reference lab.
Chemistry (Sendouts)
Inpatient Req:
Core Lab (#84927)  
Outpatient Req:
Clinical Labs (#83608)  
10 ml Lavender
Result Time:
2-4 days   Cost: $$$$
Reference Interval:
Important Information:
HHV-8 is the etiologic agent of Kaposis Sarcoma (KS). Numerous studies have documented a higher risk of developing KS among HIV patients, organ transplant patients, and other immunocompromised individuals. Quantitative HHV-8 DNA PCR can be used to document the presence of the virus as well as track the course of infection.