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Bone marrow biopsy/aspirate
Test Synonyms:
Bone marrow biopsy/aspirate
Anatomic Pathology
Inpatient Req:
Core biopsy and clot: Pathology form (#10016). Aspirate: Core Lab (#84927).  
Outpatient Req:
Core biopsy and clot: Pathology form (#10016). Aspirate: Clinical Labs (#83608).  
Result Time:
2-3 working days for routine studies  
Reference Interval:
Important Information:
Bone marrow core biopsies: B-plus fixative should be used for all bone marrow core biopsy specimens (please call the Surgical Pathology Laboratory x4-1449 if you do not have access to B-plus fixative). The core biopsy specimen should be delivered to the Surgical Pathology Laboratory reception window, Blake 3 (Room 354) as soon as possible. Because of fixation and decalcification requirements, specimens received after 2 PM will be fixed overnight and processed the following day. Specimens taken outside of normal working hours may be left in the basket outside the reception window. The Pathology requisition form should include pertinent clinical findings and the time at which the biopsy was performed.

Bone marrow aspirates: At least two unstained air-dried smears on coverslips or slides (clearly labeled with the patient name and MRN) and/or a purple top EDTA tube of bone marrow aspirate for buffy-coat smears should be dropped off to the Core Lab, Special Hematology Section, Gray 5, as soon as possible.

Clot preparations: Whenever an aspirate is performed, the clot remaining after the smears are made can be B-plus-fixed in a separate jar and sent to the Surgical Pathology Laboratory on Blake 3 along with the core biopsy for sectioning.

A peripheral blood specimen (lavender top tube) should be obtained around the time of the bone marrow biopsy/aspirate and sent to Core Lab, Hematology (Gray 5) for CBC/differential and Special Slide. This provides important correlation with the bone marrow results; the pathologist will review this slide (or an available peripheral smear slide within 7 days of the bone marrow) and this interpretation will be incorporated into the final bone marrow report.

Routine result time is 2 days for biopsies performed before 2 PM and 3 days for biopsies performed after 2 PM. For rush cases, clearly mark both the biopsy and aspirate requisitions RUSH and include your pager number. Preliminary results on RUSH biopsies performed before 2 PM are available the next day.

Last Reviewed on 8/4/2005