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Intestinal biospy
Test Synonyms:
Intestinal biospy
Anatomic Pathology
Inpatient Req:
Pathology (#10016)  
Outpatient Req:
Pathology (#10016)  
Result Time:
3 days for routine studies  
Reference Interval:
Important Information:
Proper orientation and atraumatic handling of the specimen are vital for proper diagnostic evaluation. Capsule biopsies and endoscopic biopsies of sufficient size to permit orientation should be spread flat with minimal trauma, mucosal surface upward, on a piece of Millipore filter (available in the endoscopy suite) and placed in 10% formalin, as soon as possible after being obtained. If Millipore filter is not available (endoscopic biopsies), the biopsies may be spread on dry regular filter paper, allowed to set for 30-60 seconds and placed in fixative. Touch preps for Giardia should be air-dried and submitted with the biopsy specimen to the Pathology Laboratory. (For superior detection of Giardia, fluid from the duodenal or jejunal aspirate should also be examined directly for Giardia in the Parasitology Laboratory, Gray 5; the specimen should be transported to the laboratory as soon as possible.) Minimum result time is 24 hours.

NOTE: See separate instructions if biopsies are obtained for evaluation of Hirschsprung's disease or dysmotility.

Last Reviewed on 4/10/2005