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Skin biopsy
Test Synonyms:
Skin biopsy
Anatomic Pathology
Inpatient Req:
Pathology (#10016)  
Outpatient Req:
Pathology (#10016)  
Result Time:
3 days for routine studies  
Reference Interval:
Important Information:
Most specimens are processed by routine techniques and require no special handling.

Specimens for immunofluorescence examinations are submitted fresh to be snap-frozen or in Zeus transport medium (obtainable from Mr. Bruce Kaynor, x4-1264, beeper #23331, Warren 5 Laboratory) and should be sent directly to the Warren 5 Laboratory. Prior notification required, see Immunofluorescence.

Specimens for electron microscopy microscopic examination are submitted to Mr. Bruce Kaynor (x4-1264) on Warren 5, in Karnovsky’s mixture (obtainable from the E.M. Laboratory). Prior notification required, see Electron Microscopy.

Biopsy specimens from patients in whom the differential diagnosis includes one of the mucinoses or a storage disease should be submitted fixed in absolute alcohol (obtainable from the Surgical Histology Laboratory, Blake 3, x6-5153), rather than 10% formalin. Rare specimens requiring frozen section demonstration of lipids should be scheduled through the Chief Resident (x6-2967 or page x6-2241).

A specimen in which study by one micron section is desired may be processed on special request by contacting Martin Selig (6-8497). Due to the method of processing and the need to do it the same day, the specimens must be in electron microscopy laboratory on Warren 5 no later than 1:00 PM. Minimum result time is 1-5 days, depending on type of study. If lymphoma is suspected, the entire specimen should be submitted to the Frozen Section Laboratory (Blake 3, x6-7903) with a request for a “lymphoma work-up.

Last Reviewed on 4/22/2005