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Viral resp panel (RSV/Para/Adeno)
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Test Synonyms:
Viral respiratory panel
Inpatient Req:
Microbiology (#11854)  
Outpatient Req:
Clinical Labs (#83608)  
Preferred collection is a nasopharyngeal swab. Nasal swabs, combination nasal & throat swabs, bronchial alveolar lavage, lung washes, bronchial washes, and sputa in sputum traps are also acceptable. Special nylon flocked swabs and 1 ml saline transport tubes are available in Microbiology. Do not use culturettes. For additional collection details see lab handbook.
Result Time:
24-48 hours   Cost: $$
Reference Interval:
Important Information:
The viral respiratory panel consists of testing for the following viral antigens: Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Adenovirus and Parainfluenza virus. PLEASE NOTE: If patient has influenza-like illness, the best test is Influenza A & B PCR.
Additional Resources:
IMPORTANT! Click here for information regarding specimen collection