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Lymphocytotoxic crossmatch T and/or B cell
Test Synonyms:
Lymphocytotoxic crossmatch T and/or B cell; Cytotoxic crossmatch; HLA crossmatch
Inpatient Req:
Histocompatibility (#70270)  
Outpatient Req:
Histocompatibility (#70270)  
Variable, call 617-726-3722
Result Time:
Stat: 6 hours; Routine: 1 week  
Reference Interval:
Not applicable  
Important Information:
Non-renal patients and all post-transplant patients require consultation and appointment. Call 617-726-3722. Requires recipient serum and donor cells. Usual method used is 4-wash cytotoxicity for B cell crossmatch and AHG cytotoxicity for T cell crossmatch. Inform lab if patient received Thymoglobulin, Rituximab, or any other therapeutic antibody.