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Tryptase, mature and total
Lab code: ABTRY
Test Synonyms:
Tryptase, mature and total
  NOTE: This test is performed at an external reference lab.
Chemistry (Sendouts)
Inpatient Req:
Core Lab (#84927)  
Outpatient Req:
Clinical Labs (#83608)  
10 ml Red
Result Time:
Approximately 2 weeks   Cost: $$
Reference Interval:
Important Information:
If evaluating anaphylaxis, ordering total tryptase alone (TRYP) , rather than this test, would usually be sufficient. This test measures levels of mature and levels of total tryptase. Mature tryptase levels in blood are a measure of mast cell activation and total tryptase levels in blood reflect the underlying mast cell burden. Elevated baseline total tryptase levels can occur in systemic mastocytosis, acute myelocytic leukemia, hypereosinophilic syndrome associated with the FIP1L1-PDGFRA fusion mutation, refractory anemias, myelodysplastic syndromes, end stage kidney failure and administration of rSCF. Total tryptase can become acutely elevated following anaphylaxis. Measurement of total and mature tryptase (this test) is useful if concern exists for mastocytosis, as a sufficiently elevated baseline ratio of total to mature can serve as a minor criterion in supporting this diagnosis.