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Tox panel 5 (basic drugs)
Lab code: ZTC
Test Synonyms:
Toxicology panel 5 (basic drugs)
Core Lab
Inpatient Req:
Core Lab (#84927)  
Outpatient Req:
Clinical Labs (#83608)  
10 ml Red
Result Time:
1 day   Cost: $$$
Reference Interval:
Important Information:
NOTE: Performed on day shift only. The serum toxicology panel 5 detects certain antidepressants, stimulants, and opioids. Detected drugs include: Amitriptyline, Chlorpheniramine, Chlorpromazine, Citalopram, Clomipramine, Clozapine, Cyclobenzaprine, Pseudoephedrine, Desipramine, Desmethylsertraline, Dextromethorphan, Diphenhydramine, Doxepin, Doxylamine, Fluoxetine, Fluvoxamine, Imipramine, M-cPP, Maprotilene, Mesoridazine, Methadone, Metoprolol, Norclomipramine, Nordoxepin, Norfluoxetine, Normaprotilene, Nortriptyline, Norverapamil, Oxycodone, Paroxetine, Pentazocine, Promazine, Propranolol, Pyrilamine, Sertraline, Thioridazine, Tramadol, Trifluoperazine, Trimipramine, Venlafaxine, and Verapamil