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Cell surface markers for hematologic malignancy
Test Synonyms:
Cell surface markers for hematologic malignancy
Flow Cytometry
Inpatient Req:
Flow Cytometry (#84449)  
Outpatient Req:
Flow Cytometry (#84449)  
Yellow top tube (ACD anticoagulant A or B) for Bone Marrow Aspirates. Saline for Tissue Specimens. Collection tube for Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA) and Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) specimens. Yellow top tube (ACD anticoagulant A or B) or Lavender top tube (EDTA anticoagulant) for peripheral blood. If specimen is peripheral blood, an additional Lavender top tube must be sent to Hematology (Gray 5) for a CBC and smear. Submit all specimens at room temperature - DO NOT FREEZE OR REFRIGERATE Flow Cytometry specimens.
Result Time:
2 hours with a stat request; 24 hours otherwise.  
Reference Interval:
Interpretation included with results.  
Important Information:
For all specimens, indicate the specimen type and suspected malignancy (i.e., lymphoma, ALL, AML, myeloma, hairy cell). *Please note that the test is not diagnostic for CML/CMML or Hodgkin's disease. For questions, call the lab at 617-726-8487, or page beeper x23232
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Last Reviewed on 3/12/2015