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Chromosome analysis (karyotype) - blood lymphocytes
Test Synonyms:
Chromosome analysis (karyotype) - blood lymphocytes
Inpatient Req:
See link below  
Outpatient Req:
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Adult: 10 ml Green (SODIUM HEPARIN) Infant: 2 ml pediatric Green (SODIUM HEPARIN) Call if tube not available, (617) 732-7981
Result Time:
Preliminary result possible in three days Final result: 7-14 days  
Reference Interval:
46 XX; 46 XY Call lab if questions, (617)-732-7981  
Important Information:
Immediately send specimens to MGH Surgical Pathology Laboratory on Blake 3 for transport to the Cytogenetics Laboratory. Please provide clinical diagnosis, tests requested and contact information. Page Cytogenetics fellow pager 13125 on call for Lymph node samples. These must be processed immediately. Page for specimens after hours.
Additional Resources:
Printable requisition forms are available at this link

Last Reviewed on 4/10/2005