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Tip Sheets

Lab Test Ordering

  • How to Order Lab Tests (updated 10/15/18)
  • MGH Inpatient Provider Ordering Tips
  • How to Order Laboratory Add-On Tests(updated 10/11/18)
  • MGH Guide to Add On Lab Testing
  • How to Order a Miscellaneous Test
  • How to Order a Microbiology Test
  • Commonly Ordered Micro Tests
  • Ordering CSF Tests and Labeling Specimens
  • How to Look Up Epic Lab Codes
  • PRN (As Needed) Lab Orders
  • How to Order Body Fluids
  • How to Order and Collect Glucose Tolerance Tests
  • Molecular & Cytogenetics Testing Guide
  • Flow Cytometry Orders, Blood

    Order Status and Troubleshooting

  • How to Reprint a Laboratory Requisition
  • How to Check Lab Order Status and Detail
  • How to Cancel Lab Orders
  • Reasons Why Sunquest Labels Will Not Print
  • Micro Results View Tip Sheet

    Specimen Collection, Labeling and Packaging

  • Specimen Labels and Printer Basics
  • Sunquest Label Tube Codes and Pediatric Crosswalk
  • Epic Lab Workflow Overview
  • General Guidelines for Tube Collection
  • Tube Code Crosswalk and Label Information
  • Crosswalk of Tube Test Codes to Test Names
  • How to Apply Sunquest Laboratory Labels
  • Specimen Labeling and Packaging
  • Timed Urine & Stool Collection & Labeling Instructions (24 hour urines)

    Ambulatory Specific Topics

  • How to Cancel Lab Orders
  • How to Check Lab Order Status and Order Detail
  • Collecting a Specimen (Ambulatory)
  • Collecting Specimens in the Practice
  • Encounters- Creating and Documenting
  • Linking Orders to Appointment
  • Using Standing Orders
  • How to Cancel Standing Orders
  • Releasing Standing Orders
  • How to Order and Collect Glucose Tolerance Tests (GTTs)
  • Guidelines for Releasing Lab Orders

    Anatomic Pathology

  • Ordering and Collection of Anatomical Pathology Specimens (Ambulatory)
  • Anatomic Pathology Ordering Ambulatory
  • Anatomic Pathology Ordering Inpatient
  • How to Reprint a Anatomical Pathology Requisition
  • Intraoperative Specimen Collection
  • How to Order an Intraoperative Specimen
  • How to Print Intraoperative Specimen Requisition
  • How to Print an Intraoperative Specimen Label
  • How to Correct an Intraoperatibe Specimen Label/Requisition
  • Flow Cytometry Orders, Blood

    Point of Care

  • POCT Enter Results for Point of Care Test Ambulatory
  • POCT Glucose Inpatient
  • POCT Glucose Insulin Drip Inpatient
  • POCT Work List for PCA Inpatient


  • Research Lab Orders MGH Training Materials
  • HOV Creation and Check-in for Research Coordinators- Tip Sheet
  • Research Release of Orders Tip Sheet
  • How to Reprint a Clinical Pathology Requisition
  • Reprinting An Anatomic Pathology Order Requisition
  • Associating Patients to Research Studies

    For Laboratory Staff

  • Helpful Hints for Using Epic in Laboratory (how to find responding clinician)
  • Lab HOV Staff Training Guide(Training Guide)
  • How to Look Up Epic Lab Codes
  • Releasing Standing Orders
  • How to Check Lab Order Status and Order Detail
  • How to Personalize Your Epic Toolbar
  • Location (OP) Code Crosswalk SQ-Epic
  • How to Locate Body Fluid Source and Detailed Specimen Descriptions
  • Phlebotomy Charge Capture Workflow (non CLM)
  • Order Release Guidance Rules
  • Guideline for Releasing Lab Orders

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    For Epic Tickets call the Help Desk at 857-238-3742 (8-EPIC)

    For Epic lab workflow questions, suggestions, comments, etc email MGH Pathology Epic Feedback

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