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Location: Gray 5
Phone: 617-643-0340
Fax: 617-724-3788

Medical Director: Anand Dighe, M.D., Phone: 617-643-8266

Technical Director: Jennifer Hiers Phone: 617-726-3609


Day Shift

Nancy Burke Phone: 617-724-4538
Li Yamagata Phone: 617-643-8944
Joan Keefe Phone: 617-643-8936

Evening Shift

Charles Serrano Phone: 617-726-2517

Critical Values: Critical values are called to the ordering location or physician in accordance with the MGH Critical Values policy.

Criteria for Specimen Refusal:

-Specimen not labeled with patient's name and unit number
-Name on specimen and requisition do not agree
-Specimen is more than 24 hours old
-Quantity not sufficient (QNS) for testing
-Specimen unsuitable for testing
-Improperly sealed or leaking container
-Two different patients received in one specimen bag
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