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  MGH Laboratory Test Reference Ranges      


The Massachusetts General Hospital Pathology Department manages approximately 40 CLIA-certified labs. Please note that we require the information listed below in order to fulfill your request.

Required Information

  • All test requests - provide the name(s) of the test(s)
  • Consult Samples - provide the physician’s name and type of consult
  • Study Samples - provide the study number and the name(s) of the test(s)

Fax the completed form to 617-726-1996 or e-mail an electronic version to cleuschen@partners.org.

The information that you submit is reviewed by a Director to determine which certificate(s) are required for your regulatory agency or sponsor. Please remember that the CLIA information is to be used for testing performed by the labs at the MGH location on the certificate. The certificate does not cover tests performed at other locations, and it is being provided for reference purposes. It should not be distributed or posted on-line.

Reference Ranges

Core Laboratory Reference Ranges list as of 7/15/2018.


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