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DIRECTOR: Patrick Sluss, Ph.D. (Pager #22178)
LOCATION: Edwards 003

The Immunodiagnostics Laboratory is located in the Chemistry Laboratory, Room 537, as well as in the Edwards Basement, and is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This laboratory oversees endocrine testing, tumor markers, cardiac markers, and metabolic (anemia) testing.

Specimen Delivery
All specimens should be delivered to the Chemistry Laboratory. All relevant information such as STAT, diagnosis, 131-I treatment or hormone replacement therapy should be clearly stated on the requisition.

Criteria for Refusal of Specimens
We reserve the right to refuse specimens for the following reasons:
1. Specimen is unlabeled 2. Name on specimen and requisition do not match 3. Quantity is not sufficient for tests requested 4. Specimen is inappropriate for test requested 5. Specimen arrives without a requisition 6. Requisition is incompletely filled out 7. Specimen arrives broken or leaking.

Daily results may be obtained by referring to the PCIS/CAS system or by calling the laboratory at x6-3637. Written results are printed in the Chemistry Lab and sent to the requesting area or physician upon the completion of all tests requested, and only if the ordering physician and location are clearly written on the requisition slip. For information on all assay procedures and/or special test requests please call Terry Bruski (Pager #32157).

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