Histocompatibility (Tissue Typing/HLA)



Director: Vikram Pattanayak, M.D., Ph.D. (617)643-0082
Assistant Director: Daniel Pearson, M.D., Ph.D. (617)724-3767
Supervisor: Brigid Bohan (617)726-3722 or (617)724-3301

Lab Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM to 4 PM.



This laboratory performs high complexity HLA typing, antibody screens, and lymphocytoxicity crossmatches primarily to support the Transplantation programs. Additional HLA typing is performed for HLA disease associations. Testing for other purposes requires prior consultation.

Additionally, the HLA lab performs select flow cytometry assays in support of the bone marrow transplantation program.


  1. Sample Delivery –Specimens should be delivered to the Blood Transfusion Service Laboratory Receiving Area (Gray Jackson 2; tube station 45), or to the Core Laboratory on Gray 5. Both are open 24 hours/day.
  2. Sample Identification –All specimens must be labeled with a minimum of two patient identifiers. Use the sunquest label associated with the order.
  3. Criteria for Refusal of Specimens –
    – Specimens improperly labeled OR unlabeled
    – Name on specimen and requisition do not agree
    – Quantity Not Sufficient (QNS) for testing
    – Specimen unsuitable for testing – hemolyzed, too old, clotted
    – Date of Specimen unknown
    – Improperly sealed or leaking container
  4. Personnel on Call – Technical personnel are on-call 24 hours/day. All STAT calls should be initiated by calling beeper #27076.


Test Menu

  1. HLA Solid Organ Recipient Panel (MGH) – O2225032
    1. Initial Workup
    2. Pre-Transplant HLA Antibody Screening
    3. Post-Transplant HLA Antibody Screening
    4. Immediate Pre-Transplant HLA Testing
    5. Crossmatch, per protocol
  2. HLA Solid Organ Donor Panel (MGH) – O2039028
    1. HLA Donor Initial typing and compatibility evaluation, per protocol
    2. Screening cytotoxic crossmatch, per protocol
    3. Screening flow crossmatch, per protocol
    4. Final cytotoxic crossmatch, per protocol
    5. Final flow crossmatch, per protocol
  3. HLA Hold – HLA38
  4. HLA HSC Recipient Panel (MGH) – O2613360
    1. HLA HSCT Initial Workup, per protocol
    2. HLA HSCT Final Workup, per protocol
    3. HSCT HLA antibody screening
    4. HLA Hold for Chimerism
  5. HLA HSC Donor Panel (MGH) – O2613364
    1. HLA Initial typing for HSC donors (blood), per protocol
    2. HLA Initial typing for HSC donors (buccal swab), per protocol
    3. HLA Verification typing for HSC donors (blood), per protocol
    4. HLA Hold for Chimerism
  6. HLA Platelet Refractory Panel (MGH) – O2613379
    1. HLA class I antibody screen
    2. HLA-A, B typing
  7. HLA single antigen – LAB45134
  8. HLA A 0201LAB41013
  9. HLA-B27, bloodLAB4378
  10. HLA-B51 Behcets – LAB45135
  11. HLA-B 5701 genotype – LAB4374
  12. HLA-B58 Allopurinol – LAB45136
  13. Celiac HLA-DQ typing – LAB4350
  14. HLA-DQ0602 Narcolepsy – LAB45137